About Bryan

I was born on August 30, 1972, on Andrews Air Force Base, just outside of our nation's capital. For the first 3 years of my life I was an Army brat, living in 4 states and 5 cities (Hillcrest Heights, Maryland...Monterrey, California...San Angelo, Texas...Charlottesville, Virginia...and Garland, Texas). Once we moved to Garland (a Dallas suburb), I stayed put for the next 15 years.

Growing up in Garland was probably like growing up in most other sprawling suburban areas--lots of driving to go do anything. However, it was a good place to grow up, and it is where I met one of my groomsmen, Kyle. Once I finished high school, I set off for Austin, Texas, and The University of Texas.

During my time in Austin, I pursued many opportunities, and not all of them involved partying, and I met another groomsmen, Jody. After changing majors quite a few times, moving to Dallas, and then back to Austin, I finally set my sights on Computer Science. This was during the dot com heyday, and I was fortunate enough to ride its wave from a startup in Austin to an exciting opportunity in Denver, Colorado--a place where I'd always wanted to live.

It was not long after I moved to Denver that the dot com bubble burst, and I eventually made my way back to Texas. Fortunately for me I ended up in Fort Worth, where I continue to work as a software engineer for a little publishing company called PPC...and it is where I met Julie.

As many of you know, I have two children, Jacob and Caleb (ages 6 and 3)--my pride and joy. Jacob is the rare person who can actually say he is a native Coloradoan, and Caleb is very lucky to claim Fort Worth as his birthplace.