Bestman: Steven Negrete, brother-in-law of the groom

Steven and I first met when he gave Tracy a ride home from Austin in 1995(?), while they were both students at The University of Texas. Even though Steven and Tracy didn't start dating until many months later, I always knew that he'd be a great addition to the family and a very good friend. Steven and I have shared many fun times, from tailgating before (and after) Texas football games, to watching the games themselves. I don't think either of us will ever forget "eat your chicken wit'it."

Groomsman: Kyle Bennett, friend of the groom

Kyle and I go back decades--over 3 to be exact! We've known each other since we were both 3, living on Steamboat Springs Dr. in Garland. For most of our childhood, we were inseparable...well, except for those nights when one or both of our parents made us come home. If you are looking for an outrageous story on me, ask Kyle, he's got a ton of them.

Groomsman: Stuart Bower, cousin of the groom

Growing up, Stuart was like the younger, bratty brother that I never had. When he moved away from the Dallas area, we didn't get to see each other quite as often. All of a sudden he started growing up. The next thing I know, he's turned into the cool younger brother I never had--teaching me to snowboard and providing a crash pad on ski trips to Breck.

Groomsman: Jody Ornelas, friend of the groom

Jody and I met during my freshman year at Texas (his sophomore year). We became fast friends, and a week after the spring semester ended, we were on our way to Colorado for a week of camping. In the following years, we shared a love for all things Texas Longhorns, Colorado, and country music. In late July 2005, Jody was in town for some training, and we met for dinner. While enjoying steak and margaritas, I told him all about this great girl at work who was coming over the next evening to go for a jog...