Bridal Party

Matron of Honor: Victoria DeSair, friend of the bride

Victoria and I have been friends since 1996, our freshman year at TCU. What a ride it’s been! We’ve been through so many things together, from band trips and late-night dancing to crazy study sessions in grad school. I could write a novel…but I won’t. We were roommates in college and afterwards, until she met the love of her life and left me to marry him. :) Tori has always been there for me and is a wonderful friend. I’m so glad she’s sharing in this special day with us!

Bridesmaid: Lynne Brandt, sister of the bride

Well, we didn’t always get along growing up—okay, we fought like cats and dogs until Lynne went to college. But since then, we’ve been great friends. I even followed in her footsteps by going to TCU. We have great times together, shopping, laughing, and sharing inside jokes… “I am roasting, I am toasting…” I was so honored to be in her wedding 13 years ago, and am so glad she’s in ours!

Bridesmaid: Sara Lilley, friend of the bride

Sara and I got to be good friends in college, especially our senior year. We share a love of dance and good music, though Sara is clearly more talented in both areas than I am. Sara is also just about the only reason I passed Financial Accounting in grad school! She is one of the kindest, smartest, most genuine people I know, and I know that this day wouldn’t be complete without her with us!

Bridesmaid: Ashley West, friend of the bride

Ashley and I met at work about 5 years ago (or is it 6 now?), and have been friends ever since. We share a love of reading, copyediting (yes, we know we’re nerds), margaritas, and TALKING…talking about anything and everything. Ashley has known Bryan and I since our beginning, and she and her fiancé, Bill, made up the foursome of one of our first double dates – a TCU football game! I’m so glad she’s going to share in our special day – it wouldn’t be the same without her!